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June 14, 2019


Release: Memoir EP

Area: Gippsland, Victoria.

Date of Release: 14/06/2019

Genre: Melodic Metalcore

Record Label: Unsigned

Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Ionei Heckenberg at Zanari Records

For Fans Of: Ocean Sleeper, Dream on Dreamer, Northlane

."Shackled to our vices w...

March 13, 2019

Song: Memories

Band: Above The Fallen

Release: Memories

Area: Melbourne, Australia

Date of release: 01.03.2019

Genre: Melodic Metalcore

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered: Callan Orr of Avalanche Studios

Videographer: Jordan Tan

For Fans Of: Alpha Wolf, Advocates, Dream on Dreamer.


January 2, 2019

Song: 'Kill All My Friends'

Band: Void of Vision

Release: Kill All My Friends (Music Video)

Area: Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria

Date of release: 29/11/2018

Genre: Progressive Melodic Metalcore

Videographer: Kieran Ellis-Jones of Crystal Arrow Films

For Fans Of: Alpha...

November 4, 2018

Song: The Monster Within
Area: Brisbane
Date of release: 27th of August 2018
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Record Label: Independent
For Fans Of: Epica, Nightwish, Dark Moor, Delain


“You administer the drug that keeps the demons, At bay...”

Fronted by former A...