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February 15, 2019


Artist: Crystal Lake

Release: Helix

Area: Japan

Date of release: February 15th, 2019

Genre: Metalcore

Record Label: Sharptone (Outside of Japan)

For Fans Of: Crossfaith, Architects, While She Sleeps, Soulfly

Next Gig: Not in Aus, and probably not for a while...


February 14, 2019

//How did the name ‘Crystal Lake’ originate?//

It came from the place in the game "Romancing Saga" not from Friday the 13th.

//How has the response been on the album so far?//

It's been really good. People love both the heavy side and melodic side of the album and I'm sat...

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The Lost Knights // Someone [Single Review]

June 10, 2020

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