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What is behind the scene official?

Behind The Scene Official started as a stupid idea from a bored kid, as most brilliant ideas do. After months of a hobbyist approach, that kid did something stupider, he registered a domain and built a website.

We try to cover music from Australia and The World to let you know whats worth giving a spin and what belongs in the bin.

At this stage I'm just rambling shit, if you know me well. You should have guessed that by now.

How do i Submit my music to BTS?

While we are open to submissions from all over the world, we primarilly cover Australian bands and artists. Submission email can be found in the links above under Contact.

How do i get my band on a Bts Gig?

If you are looking to jump onto a lineup that we're presenting, best way to go about it is by emailing us using the contact form or one of the links above under contact. If you're interested in putting a show together from the ground up for say a launch or a tour date, feel free to use the aforementioned methods listed.

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