Traces // Broken

Song: Broken Band: Traces Album: Change EP Location: Tamworth, New South Wales Date of release: 18/06/17 Genre: Alternative/Electronic Reviewer: Michael Dixon For Fans Of: Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Depeche Mode

When I first listened to this Tamworth-based alternative/electronic band, I honestly didn’t know what to expect from them. But after watching the music video from their latest single “Broken” from their upcoming EP Change, I was genuinely impressed and blown away. The video was shot entirely in black and white inside a narrow hallway which matches the mood and feeling of the song perfectly. Lead vocalist Jack is extremely captivating with his vocal performance, adding loads of emotion to the dystopic lyrics. It’s a highly layered track with rhythmic groove sections, electronic touches and softer melodic parts. The band is entirely self-managed from the songwriting to production and direction of their music videos which makes them even more impressive. I’m really looking forward to hearing the rest of the EP when it gets released.

Vocals: 9.5/10 Guitars: 9/10 Bass: 8.5/10 Drums: 8/10 Production: 9.5/10 Lyrics: 9/10 Songwriting: 9/10 Personal Enjoyment: 9/10

#NineInchNails #DepecheMode #Traces

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