Hollow World // Patient Zero

Song: Patient Zero Band: Hollow World Album: Exanimate Location: Melbourne Date of release: 27/06/17 Genre: Melodic Death Metal Reviewer: Michael Dixon For Fans Of: At The Gates ,Children Of Bodom, Opeth

“Patient Zero” is the latest single to be released by this Melbourne-based Melodic Death metal band. The music video features live footage from their recent tour for Fleshgod Apocalypse. According to vocalist Ben Roberts, “The song is about the first human to become infected with the virus that ends up wiping out the human race” (Hysteria Mag June 2017). Sounds very Resident Evil in concept to me, though it is a very serious issue in terms of overpopulation, protecting the environment and improving the health and well-being of the human race. Musically, they have really upped the ante compared to their older material. The drumming is lightning fast, the guitar riffs are heavy and compelling in that dramatic metal way and Ben’s harsh screams simply demand attention. Another solid cut from their debut album Exanimate.

Vocals: 9/10 Guitars: 9.5/10 Bass: 8.5/10 Drums: 10/10 Production: 9/10 Lyrics: 9/10 Songwriting: 9/10 Personal Enjoyment: 9.5/10

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