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We May Fall // GIG REPORT

The usual night of when I head out to see any local band first starts off with a train ride to the city and then off to the venue, upon my arrival I am welcomed by the boys in We May Fall and all my friends that are there too I retrieve my ticket to the show and then hang out with friends until doors are open. Once doors are finally open I head inside and take my usual place at center barrier and get ready for a good night. After the first band of the night, We May Fall begin setting up and are set to take the stage, once ready to go the boys begin with drawing the crowd towards the stage and bust out their old classic Motionless to get things rolling, to no surprise to myself or any regular of seeing this band live, they are nothing short of perfection, the band then continue to play some old songs until they reach mid set where they begin to start busting out their new songs.

Starting off with a to be released song, Dead. Vocalist JJ Brady jumps to the barrier and spectators surround him and get ready to carry him across the room and back, then in their next new track titled Forever JJ jumps over the barrier (after being placed back over in the previous song) and stands in the middle of the pit where the spectators of the show surround him arm-in-arm in a circle and vibe to the fairly soft song for this band, which this song features plenty of mic grabs towards the end of it for the fans in the crowd. At this point the band are down to their last 2 songs, "Light Barer" and "Again", their most recent single and music video, I feel "Again" being the the final song of their set is always a great choice because it's a song the fans would definitely be familiar with, in closing We May Fall are personally definitely one of my favorite local bands to see live, they'd have to be considering I've done so over 10 times.


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