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The Orphan // Gods

Song: Gods Band: The Orphan Album: Gods.Gutters.Stones Location: Melbourne, Australia Date of release: 22nd of June 2017 Genre: Punk/Hardcore/Noise Reviewer: Brendan Bennell For Fans Of: Terror, Cursed Earth

“Gods” is the first track from Melbourne’s Punk/Hardcore band from the recent EP Gods.Gutters.Stones. The music video with it’s VCR style videography, is filled with many close but fast paced shots of the band and members, as well as low context but effective feature of somebody infront of a vintage style television possibly going insane, but this perfectly matches the high energy and aggressive vibe of the song. The residential looking setting for the video isn’t seen with much detail, but with the snippets of furniture, VCR effect and the dull, musky filter it really puts out an eerie, vintage feeling. That feeling of eeriness and aggression represents the ‘noise’ and ‘hardcore’ roots of the song very well. The feature character of the video is seen sort of twitching and screaming throughout the video, most of which is directed at the 90’s style TV in front of him.

This ongoing sequence embodies what the lyrics are saying about “I’ve been saved by my television”. The rest of the lyrics speak about negative feelings towards religion and possibly being let down or betrayed by ones beliefs or faith. Musically, this is a short track but in no way does it negatively effect it or take away from any aspect. The use of feedback, ‘noise’ and lack of melody, which carries through the whole EP, definitely give this song and band a much more ‘in your face’ feel. Along with catchy riffs, rough vocals and a very well heard bass tone, this song may be a quickie, but it’s a hands down banger and would get the crowd energized and moving fast at any show.

Vocals: 9/10 Guitars: 8/10 Bass: 9/10 Drums: 8.5/10 Production: 7.5/10 Lyrics: 8/10 Songwriting: 9.5/10 Personal Enjoyment: 9/10

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