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Baltimore // Impermanence

Song: Impermanence Band: Baltimore Album: Room with a view Location: Sydney Date of release: 2016 Genre: Hardcore Punk Reviewer: Timothy Johnson For fans of: Defeater, Touche Amore, Gallows, American Nightmare

When I first discovered this band Baltimore, I was at a gig and this long haired bloke (Tom) had jumped on stage for a guest vocal spot for the Snake Eyes (at the time Chaoswarrior) song 'Rust', at first, I'm not even going to lie, I questioned what this quiet guy was doing, however, the moment he held the mic to his mouth and started doing his thing I was blown away. Chatting with him after the show I'd learnt that he was the vocalist of a band called Baltimore.

After the show I had gotten home and decided to listen to their EP From then it was all down hill, my pockets were full before every Baltimore show was announced, but after that I was broke as shit, because they had a new fan.

'Impermanence' was the deal maker for me, from the moment the song starts you're in for a treat, carrying the message that "there is brightness beyond the gloom, if you let the light shine through", it opened my eyes to my own mental health and got me through a tough time in life.

With it's sudden start, it sends you straight into a two step through your mothers living room, the energy stays with you from start to finish and really gets the blood pumping. If you're a fan of positive messages, Impermanence is the track for you.

If given the opportunity to see Baltimore live, do it. I'm convinced that these boys are the some of the best out there when it comes to the Hardcore Punk scene.

Vocals : 9.5/10 Guitars: 9.5/10 Bass: 9/10 Drums: 9.5/10 Production: 9/10 Lyrics: 10/10 Songwriting: 10/10 Personal Enjoyment: 10/10

#Baltimore #Defeater #ToucheAmore #Gallows #AmericanNightmare #SnakeEyes

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