Troldhaugen // Ido+Syncrasies // Album Review

Band: Troldhaugen Album: Idio+syncrasies Location: Wollongong, Australia. Date of release: 1/9/17 Genre: Whack-Crab Alt-Metal Reviewer: Byron Hall For Fans Of: System of a Down, Frank Zappa

If you're not familiar with Troldhaugen imagine if The Avalanches sampled metal-core instead of blues and jazz riffs. It shouldn't work? But it totally does!

Tim told be he lost his shit when he gave the title track a listen, it's just so much but it's all so smooth. I could count atleast 6 different genres / styles in the first track alone! Lots of Zappa sounding swtichups.

Even the joke tracks have some really decent hooks and remind me of SOAD stylistically. The singer bloke 'allegedly' had a rat attached to his (bleep) but then it fully goes into a fallout 4 themed soundtrack and back to a loony toons cut away. It's so hard to keep up but it's always engaging.

What the fuck is going on with my ears, midway through the second track I felt like the impending doom in which Pennywise would warrant was coming straight at me. It goes from your generic carnival sound to a hectic screamfest with samples taken of what I could only imagine being ps1 games.

There's just so many nostalgic sounds mixed into "BMX Terminator" the title single of Idio+syncrasies. There is no easy way to describe what is happening with all of the sound fusions but luckily the lyric video is available on YouTube and will be linked.

In the past few days I've listened to this record over 5 times and every play I pick up on an extra sound or influence, it's like the "Wheres Wally" of Alt-Metal.

You can grab this here on the 1st of September, I implore you to give it a spin yourself!

Vocals: 7/10 Guitars: 6/10 Bass: 7/10 Drums: 8/10 Production: 9/10 Lyrics: 8/10 Songwriting: 9/10 Personal Enjoyment: 10/10

#Troldhaugen #SystemOfADown #FrankZappa

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