Puzzles // I Don't Belong Here

Song: I Don't Belong Here Band: Puzzles Record: Take It As A Sign Location: Sydney, Australia Date of release: 03/12/2016 Genre: Pop Punk Reviewer: Daniel Balcombe For Fans Of: No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, STRUNG OUT, Madam Wong, Mixtape for the Drive

'If I don't belong here, The way will be made clear'

Nostalgia runs through the veins of the the Debut EP Take It As A Sign released by Pop Punk band Puzzles. Forming after the end of Punk/Ska band "Handball Deathmatch", Puzzles brings back the feeling of late 90's Pop Punk to the Aussie music scene.

When I first listened to the EP, 'I Don't Belong Here' was the first song that stood out, I was captured, hook, line and sinker. From the mellow plucked chords, smooth vocal harmonies and all the way through to the blasting ending, it's safe to say, I Don't Belong Here will bring a warm feeling inside the heart of Pop Punk enthusiasts.

The lyrics is what really captured me to begin with, they convey the feeling of not really being connected with the world around you and thinking maybe I should pack up ship and try my luck somewhere else. As we all know, that is easier said then done and Puzzles sure know it. The bridge ties the song together perfectly releasing the tension of the song with blaring guitars and hard hitting drums.

I Don't Belong Here is a personal favourite of mine, a song that is in heavy rotation on my own playlist. I would encourage more to follow suit, cause we all get to a point in your life where you have doubts about the direction you are taking.

Vocals: 9/10 Guitars: 8/10 Bass: 8/10 Drums: 8/10 Production: 6.5/10 Lyrics: 9/10 Songwriting: 9/10 Personal Enjoyment: 9.5/10

#Puzzles #NoUseForAName #Lagwagon #StrungOut #MadamWong #MixtapeForTheDrive

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