Shysters // God, I Wish I Could've Been There

Song: 'God, I Wish I Could've Been There' / 'I'm A Fucking Fool For You Band: Shysters Album: Shysters Location: Newcastle Date of release: 17/3/17 Genre: Newcastle Emo Warriorz, punk / indie rock Reviewer: Byron Hall For Fans Of: Pulled Apart By Horses

Initially when I started to review Shysters I was a little confused, after a few plays of 'God, I Wish I Could've Been There' I was kinda taken back. I guess it's more one of those songs that has a weird nostalgia to it, for me anyway. Shysters are a relatively hidden gem from Newcastle, perhaps the next Silverchair perhaps not. The groovy bass work and angry riffs really struck with me. Bored and In a car for 3 hours I then checked out their other song of the self titled record 'Shysters' hence the confusion. 'I'm A Fucking Fool For You' sounded like the mixdown of the participants of the Russian sleep experiment remixed with some early gospel organ circa 52'. It wigged me the fuck out. All in all I'm pretty intrigued and will vow to check out a future show.

Vocals: 8/10 Guitars: 7/10 Bass: 9/10 Drums: 7/10 Production: 7/10 Lyrics: 8/10 Songwriting: 7/10 Personal Enjoyment: 8/10

#Shysters #PulledApartByHorses #Silverchair

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