For starters playing at ECP Studios is always a weird vibe, to add to that, the show was held outdoors at night and it was freezing but Convex cut straight through when they opened with their set starter. This kicks you in the arse immediately with heavies. After that they went straight in with ‘Wolves’ which showcases their potential really well. Although the crowd wasn't the biggest, it was still a fun time.

Unlike other artists, this band manages to maintain a great sense of dynamics and variety throughout their set for an up and coming band. Showing that they aren't just a one trick show pony. This does a great deal for keeping up the interest. It's good to see a band that isn't just obsessed or one sided with a single sound. Keeping a good balance of energy, heavy and melodic.

A notable part during their set was when Kynan (Diamond Construct) came up to perform his guest vocal spot. It's always cool to see local bands collaborating. That's what we're all about. When he started the energy instantly raised, not to diminish Chris their front man's ability to do so. I dare say the pit opened, side to side, the mosh then appropriately commenced. He also nailed the bit, great spot.

There weren't a lot of technical difficulties, which is really good for them. One of the only issues being one of the guitarists wireless fell onto the floor, which was quickly fixed showing again they have stage experience. One problem I noticed though was the guitars had some issues with tuning. Which for me is something that can really drag a set down. Tuning is something I feel should be triple checked.

In terms of timing, I feel the band could work on making sure those tricky time signatures and syncopated parts are locked in. Once or twice I noticed a few of the members may fall out of time with the drummer or seem confused. They did will to keep it together with all of that, but the vocalist has a little trouble keeping in time with that, just food for thought. Their guitarist has a weird ass technique where he flips his hands around, not sure if it's necessary or ascetic but either way it looks cool I guess!

They had a quick set up time which is really good, they were on the ball. The set flowed well between songs, seems like they've worked on making sure it does.Chris does really well to not make these gaps awkward at all. He's has a good level of personality on stage, and shows he knows how to treat a crowd with respect and get them moving.

In terms of their showmanship, they have a professional approach. It's good to see a higher standard than average. Only thing would be to unify the stage presence just that little bit more. Finding more of a balance between performance and show. Just let loose a little more and have fun, entertaining more energetic crowd engagement. But it's great they are focusing on having a tight performance, because they definitely achieve that.

One of the biggest highlights in the band is their drummer, who seems like a laid back guy but when he gets behind the kit he does the job so well. It's not often you see a band where the drummer nails all his 16th note fills. These days, having a tight drummer is more crucial than ever to holding your set together. Especially when click tracks and backings are involved. Gotta hand it to him, he's killing it. And yes finally a bass player who can play properly! 3 cheers for nailing his shit and not being like every other lazy bass murderer. He also has some parts in the set where he shines through, and takes the lead focus, without looking like a he's taking over.

I like that I don't know what to expect with this band. You don't know if they're about to bust out with a Justin Bieber cover or Thy Art Is Murder cover. They are tight as, and put on a good show. These guys definitely have something special that I think would go well with bigger crowds. I'd like to see where they take this. I really think this band is worth checking out live, they have a new sound that is as phresh a mid 2000's pop compilation cd.

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