APATE // Spit You Out // Album Review

Band: APATE Album: Spit You Out Location: Brisbane Date of release: 25/8/17 Genre: Nu-metalcore Reviewer:Byron Hall For Fans Of: Knocked Loose, Ocean Grove, Sworn In

Personally this was one of the my most hyped released of this year! However I wasn't really a fan of their older releases although ‘Lions’ being the exception. When guitarist Caleb Patch shared the title single 'Spit You Out' a few weeks back I was hooked. I'd planned on doing a review of the release in the next few weeks but when I got the opportunity to check out all 7 tracks before release obviously I was fucking stoked! Now after having the record on repeat for almost a full day I'm pretty confident in this climbing up those charts!

‘Split’ the second single is one of the heavier and darker songs on the release. It starts off with an interesting build up of varied guitar tones layered together until the drop. Lyrically the song goes over the state of craziness, paranoia perhaps in this instance. Vocalist Zakk often yelling about confusion ‘what the fuck do I believe anymore’ and whispering hauntingly about how ‘the devil won't leave me’ which helps aid the already top notch song structure.

“Hangman” was my stand out track, If Ocean Grove and Knocked loose had a child. This would be their birthsong.

This whole release is up there on my top 10 of 2017! It perfectly balances the angsty lyrics and riffs with very thought out song structure and mixing. I promise you that we're going to see these boys feature on the show or at the very least on THE FAT MIX in the coming weeks! My ears are very pleased and my circle pit skills are ranking up!

This whole record drops in 3 days!

Vocals: 8.5/10 Guitars: 9/10 Bass: 9/10 Drums: 8.5/10 Production: 9/10 Lyrics: 8.5/10 Songwriting: 9/10 Personal Enjoyment: 9/10

#Apate #KnockedLoose #OceanGrove #SwornIn

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