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30 Seconds To Mars // WALK ON WATER

Band: 30 Seconds To Mars Song: WALK ON WATER Location: USA Date of release: 26/8/2017 Genre: Rock / Alt Reviewer: Charlie-Anne Bailey For Fans Of: Taking Back Sunday

30 Seconds to Mars are back after four years with their new release WALK ON WATER. The single has a synth/rock kind of sound and is definitely different to their older music, however, bands do change and grow and after almost 2 decades of being a band 30STM are obviously going to experiment with different sounds to develop and grow as musicians. That being said, the single does sound more like a Imagine Dragons song (particularly Radioactive) than it does 30 Seconds to Mars.

The lyrics have a very political kind of theme and deals with freedom, change and fighting for your beliefs. This comes through in the overall sound of the song as well, especially with the marching drums and the chanting, giving it an anthem and gospel styled feel, kind of sounds like a typical ‘going to war’ theme song. Overall, I do enjoy Walk on Water. It is very catchy and does get stuck in your head and is a very enjoyable single. I can imagine this would be a fun one for live performances.

Vocals 8/10

Guitars 7.5/10

Bass 6.5/10

Drums 8/10

Production 7/10

Lyrics 8/10

Songwriting 6/10

Personal Enjoyment 6/10 (It's not 'The Kill' but it's still good)

#30SecondsToMars #TakingBackSunday

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