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Up and coming pop prog rock outfit Damsel In Dismay have been really busy this year! Dropping a single and recently played the opener of The West Tigers Vs Warriors game on the 3rd of this month! We were lucky enough to ask them a few questions. This is how it went!

//Can you give us a brief history of the band and releases?//

We released our debut single ‘’Lose Control’’ in late January on Australia Day How did the band originate? Chloe and I met at a music school two years ago and we’ve been jamming ever since. Obviously we needed a drummer so that’s where Chloe’s brother Harley come into it! Our bassist goes to school with Harley so it was basically a perfect fit.

//What's the first band who made you love music?//

Artists like 5 Seconds of Summer, Catfish and the bottlemen and Paramore, GnR , Tonight Alive Who inspires you to make music now? The 1975, Paramore, 5 Seconds of summer.

//What are some of the most important things you have learnt while being together?//

That everyone’s opinion is valid and should be heard. Also you need a thick skin.

//How do you view your band now as opposed to when you started?//

We have developed a strong bond and grown together, our style is maturing along with our sound and so is our individual musicianship. WE ARE BETTER A lot better ha ha

//What's your favourite venue to play?//

The Lair (Metro Theatre) Leichhardt Oval (First Stadium Show)The Bald Faced StagCan you explain what goes on during the writing process? We normally come together with a few ideas that generally turn into something totally different.

//Can you explain the recording process you go through?//

As of now we have all recorded our Parts one at a time, and are keen to all play together for the future ones to try something different. We’ve recently recorded at A Sharp Studios so with that, we tracked guitars and bass for the first session and then drums and vocals the second one. What does this release mean to you? Being our second release ever, this means an awful lot to all of us and we can’t even begin to explain how much it means to us/how proud of it we are!

Photo: Justin Kelderman

//What does the scene mean to you?//

Inexpiable. Music is a passion for all of us and the way it makes us feel is honestly insane. We all just want to contribute and help it grow stronger.

//If you could change one thing about the scene, what would it be?//

The ALL AGES scene for sure! its very limited in all aspects. I Would also encourage other bands to support each other.

//song means the most to you?//

Definitely Monday or Monster.

//What's your favourite song to play live?//

Our original song Colour! Or Killing in the Name.

//Why do you play music?//

Because I feel like this is what I was made to do and doing it with my best friends just makes it even better. Would you encourage people watching this to start bands? Definitely, being in a band is the most rewarding thing you could possibly do as a musician and as you see yourself improving, it just gets better from there.

//What advice do you have for new bands?//

Rehearse as much as possible and get to know each other, at the end of the day your band is your bestfriend!

//How important is it to network with other bands?//

Really important as you want to have contacts and friends amongst the scene.

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