Vetty Vials and the Sandpit Turtles // Inner West Side Story

Song: Inner West Side Story Band: Vetty Vials and the Sandpit Turtles Record: I am okay, I promise Location: Sydney, Australia Date of release: 5/6/2017 Genre: Folk / punk Reviewer: Daniel Balcombe For Fans Of: Camp Cope, Bec Stevens, The Hard Aches, Billy Puntton ‘I wish this Inner West Story never had to end’ I wish this song never had to end, honestly I was hooked as soon as I heard the vocals. Vetty Vials comes through with plenty of heart on the EP ‘I am okay, I promise’. ‘Inner West Side Story’ stands out for me as a relatable song about the end of a great night and the trek home that we all hate to take, leaving behind the good times with good mates and even better, great music. I’ll start by saying I love the vocals on this track, I was hooked on every word that was sung. The song begins with an acoustic guitar followed by vocals which leads through to the chorus and some minimal percussion added along with some nicely layered vocals. As the song continues, I couldn’t help but tap my foot along to the rhythmic nature of the track as the rest of the band joins in, and I also couldn’t help but be engrossed not only with the vocals but the words that were being sung. I found myself smiling, thinking back to nights when I never wanted to go home, or back to reality. The production quality shines through as layer upon layer is added throughout the track and as a listener there is always something new to pick up on and something to keep you interested. There are so many bands out there that try to do what Vetty Vials and the Sandpit Turtles achieve and my only hope is that more people find out about not only this song, but the whole album itself. As a listener of music, my main connection is with what is being said, and I related to this song whole heartedly. As we grow older the days of going out and partying to 3am do become less, but those memoires are ones that we will never forget and this song helps us remember this. Please get this song on your playlist, listen to it and remember the times that can fade easily as ‘just another night’ Vocals: 10/10 Guitars: 8/10 Bass: 7/A Drums: 7/A Production: 9/10 Lyrics: 9.5/10 Songwriting: 9/10 Personal Enjoyment: 10/10

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