Temple Of Athena // The Prophecy Of A Sacred Sun // Album Review

Band : Temple Of Athena Release: The Prophecy Of A Sacred Sun Date of Release: 9 th of August 2017 Genre: Deathmetal/Deathcore Reviewer: Braden Groundwater For Fans Of: Whitechapel, Rings of Saturn, I, Valiance.

I'd never heard of these guys before writing this review, but gollly I won't be forgetting them anytime soon. This band is a 6 piece deathcore/deathmetal outfit from Adelaide. I've been there a few times, nice place. Their EP “The Prophecy Of A Sacred Sun” is impressive to say the least. Where do I start, these guys have some of the most brutal crushing and breakdowns you will hear. The album opens with Abhorrence, It has massive breakdowns, spacey leads, and insane low vocals. What else more could a mosher want? No but seriously, These guys are really standing out against their peers in the genre and I'm sure with playing more shows and building their name they are going to go very far. For a debut EP, I'm blown away at how developed this is.

Rebirth is the next track. I was really blown away. The fast blast beats and semitonal harmonisation! I love that. It really opens up a new side to this band instantly. Polarising to the previous track.

The vocals on this EP are completely confronting, disgusting and massive smack to the face, which I love . Pounding you with some of the most evil sounding vocals I've heard. The guy has really worked hard on making his vocals well above average. However, it'd be cool to see him vary his vocals more on their next release just a little more. Every vocal on this EP challenges vocalists with twice his experience and really holds its own. They even managed to get a guest vocal spot from Ethan Lucas of A Night In Texas on their last track The Prophecy Of A Sacred Sun Part II. He absolutely slays the part and is perfect for it. If the vocals on this release were food , Gordon Ramsey would be proud.

These guys love breakdowns. They do them well, they do them a lot. They have the fine of creating low end sludge down. To create a lot of contrast they also have a tech-metal influence, which really tickles my fancy. This mixture of genres comes together seamlessly. Having both of these elements placed so well shows a songwriting ability that is very much so above average. I feel its up to the listener, based on preference, I would love for them to maybe have a breakdown less per song, but again that's just personal preference.

Temple of Athena have potential that overshadows their peers . They have undeniably written songs that are raising the bar in their field. Although right now, they aren't exactly reinventing the wheel, they have created a very current sounding heavy release that I think will bring them a lot of attention. One thing I'd love from them is to break some of the boundaries of their sound and delve more into a unique vision. I have no doubt these are the kind of guys who really worked hard their music and put a lot of time and effort into it. Because of this I can anticipate they are already working towards new material. I'm really excited to see where they take this. Nonetheless Temple of Athena have done an amazing job on this release.

Vocals 9/10 Guitars 7/10 Bass 6/10 Drums 8/10 Production 6/10 Lyrics 7/10 Songwriting 7/10 Personal Enjoyment 7/10

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