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My Kind Of Memory // Ghosts

Song: Ghosts

Band: My Kind Of Memory

Release: Paranormal EP

Area: Sydney, Australia

Date of release: August 8, 2017

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

Reviewer: Brendan Bennell

For Fans Of: Skillet, Disturbed, A Day To Remember

Next Gig: Traces, Lowgazer + More @ The Bald Faced Stag Wednesday 8th of November 2017

From their Debut EP, ‘Paranormal’, The opening track Ghosts is definitely a nice way to start an EP. Good, chill clean sounds that reel you in, quickly leading to a fast, high energy riff and beat combo. This instantly shows diversity in the musical ideas of the members. Singer, Nic Froy, shows his talents from his first word. Killing it with a strong clean vocal that has very traditional hard rock and metal influences at play and a cheeky feature from Our Anchored Hearts' Nathan Newman.

My Kind Of Memory really know their way around melodies and harmonies, even through out heavier section, there’s still a strong melody going on somewhere, whether it be vocals, guitars, or even bass. There was plenty going on through the song that keep it from droning on or becoming boring. Having a super nice clean, ambient section lead straight into a punch-your-mate breakdown has to be the cherry on top of this song, I can see this going off at a show no doubt. I enjoyed the first track off this debut EP, Paranormal, I think it’s a good start for this band, I’m keen to hear more from them.

Cleans: 4 /5 Screams: 2.5/5

Guitars: 8/10

Bass: 7/10

Drums: 8.5/10

Lyrics: 6.5/10

Songwriting: 8.5/10

Mixing: 6/10

Replayability: 7/10

Songwriting Integrity :7.5 /10


Overall: 72/100

Personal Enjoyment: 7/10

#Skillet #ADayToRemember #Traces #Lowgazer #OurAnchoredHearts

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