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Defy Your Idols // Doubt

Song: Doubt

Band: Defy your Idols

Area: Newcastle

Date of release: 8th October 2017

Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore

Reviewer: Timothy Johnson

For Fans Of: Emmure, Diamond Construct, Inhale The Sea

Next Gig: 10th of November at club Azzurri, Newcastle.

After the break up of Caught out, Building the Broken and Inhale the Sea, Novocastrians thought their scene was starting to die. I'm glad to announce thats not the case. The Joshua Stewart (Caught out) and Jed Sharp (Building the Broken) decided to make music again under the name of "Defy your Idols".

On the 8th of October Defy your Idols dropped their single "Doubt" which if you're wondering, it isnt too bad.. From the get go, you can hear that its going to be an interesting song. Filled with technical guitar licks and harsh hardcore vocals, its the stuff you'd listen to if you we're to start crowdkilling a bunch of defenseless primary school kids on a crowded bus (it's good fun, it helps better than anger management classes). In closing, it's a very exciting song to get you through a hard day of sucking lifes dick.

Vocals: 7.5/10

Guitars: 6/10

Bass: 4/10

Drums: 6/10

Lyrics: 9/10

Songwriting: 8/10

Mixing: 8/10

Replayability: 7/10 S

ongwriting Integrity : 5/10

Complexity: 6/10

Overall: 66.5/100

Personal Enjoyment: 7/10

#DefyYourIdols #Emmure

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