Dear Seattle // Cut You Deep

Song: Cut You Deep

Band: Dear Seattle

Record: Dear Seattle EP

Location: Sydney

Date of release: 14/7/2017

Genre: Punk/Grunge

For Fans Of: The Heart Aches, Slowly Slowly, Foley, Pist Idiots

Next Gig: Oct 20th - The Met, Brisbane

'And I'm so sorry for how I've been acting, I'know I'm just over reacting.'

Dear Seattle have come a long way from their Post-Hardcore early days (which I also enjoyed). Having released their EP 'Dear Seattle' it's easy to see why they are making huge waves in the Aussie Music Scene.

'Cut You Deep' is the third single released from the EP. The first two singles were great sing along tracks so a high standard was set for the EP in my eyes, so I was primed to hear what more they could deliver and got the EP as soon as it was released. 'Cut You Deep' didn't instantly hook me when I first listened to the EP. I was slightly let down as the two singles already released were certified bangers and they remained the best tracks on the EP.

The song begins with a clean guitar strumming until the band kicks along with the vocals. I really enjoy the vocalist voice, it's pretty clean and cuts through nicely on the track. I loved the tone of the guitar used throughout and the bass really cuts through during the verses. As the song builds to the chorus it was easy to nod my head a long too and then the soaring vocals in the chorus were made for a packed out venue. Throughout the track there's great little guitar parts and the drums keep banging along nicely. The song progresses nicely, constantly building and to top things off they layer in some nice gang vocals to round out what is sure to be a great hit at Dear Seattle's live shows.

Overall I enjoyed the song. On my first listen I didn't pick the track apart like I have now. It's a nice little tune and it grew on me more as I listened to it, noticing the little guitar licks and the sing along chorus which made it hard to forget, even my wife has been humming it! I do think the song was made to be played loud in a packed out sweaty venue.

Vocals: 8/10

Guitars: 7/10

Bass: 7/10

Drums: 7.5/10

Lyrics: 7/10

Songwriting: 8/10

Mixing: 9/10

Replay ability: 6/10

Songwriting Integrity: 7/10

Complexity: 7/10

Overall: 75/100

Personal Enjoyment: 7/10

#DearSeattle #TheHeartAches #SlowlySlowly #Foley #PistIdiots

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