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EDIT: 26-10-17 Greg of the valve bar has since requested that the campaign is to be taken down, I fully support this and have quoted his response below. -Byron

"To my knowledge no improvements or repairs are necessary as both rooms of the venue are functioning perfectly and are maintained meticulously by the operators. Grant campaign is a good gesture by musician that has an idea of what improvements to the space can be of use, but I will ask Justin to cancel this campaign as this venue never stood for, encouraged or required any hand outs. Thanks to the wide community that supports the venue by organising and attending events! Keep it up - and we'll keep the doors open!"

Get on down to the valve bar and catch a show soon!


We have all been there. From the sticky, beer splattered floors to the walls covered in stickers. The Valve Bar has always been a place to go for a good night after working in the city. It’s an iconic bar that helps outer-city bands get a foot in the door in the Sydney scene and it needs our help. Now I’m not going to pretend like the Valve Bar is perfect. It’s loud and gritty but it’s all a part of the charm and we as a community have a chance to make it better. If we can show enough scene spirit and get this venue the support it needs, the city will grant them money. Here’s a quote from BandAidz, the organization helping put this together. “Help us raise $8,000 for the iconic Valve Bar! And the real icing on the cake is that the Sydney Council has claimed they will match up to 30k in funds for live music improvements! So that's a potential $16,000 for our beloved venue! You can read more about that here” Grant Information

If you have 5 or 10 bucks to spare (The price of two beers, or one if you have expensive taste,) please consider donating it to a great venue. Make the Valve Bar great again. Let’s show this old bar some love.


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