Mirrors // Circus [Single]

Song: Circus

Band: Mirrors

Release: Circus

Area: Gippsland, Victoria.

Date of release: 24/10/17

Genre: Melodic Metalcore

Reviewer: Michael Dixon

For Fans Of: Northlane, Dream on Dreamer, I Killed The Prom Queen.

Next Gig: UNIFY A Heavy Music Gathering – January 2018

“Circus” is the follow up single to “Tie The Lace” from the Fool’s Paradise EP, which was released back in March this year. Since then, this four-piece Gippsland-based band has been making a lot of waves in the local music scene, touring with bands such as Ocean Sleeper and Drown This City as well as gaining a support slot on next year’s UNIFY lineup.

This new single is certainly a big step up in that it has more of a softer melodic undercurrent and a greater focus on powerful clean vocals during the chorus. There are still plenty of djent rhythms and intense breakdowns throughout the track. It also boasts some creative lyrical content and strong themes about not allowing others to treat you like a doormat, breaking through the negativity and standing up for yourself.

Melodic Metalcore has been a tough genre of music to stand out in and it’s often challenging to put a fresher and more original take on it. There are certainly generic elements here but I feel like this band has lots of potential to make a bigger impact on the local music scene considering how strong and powerful their sound is. The music video, filmed by Warwick Hughes, features a gorgeous vista of rolling green hills and dry grasslands. I’m really keen to see them play at UNIFY next year.

Vocals: 7.5/10 (cleans 4/5 and scream 3.5/5)

Guitars: 8/10

Bass: 7.5/10

Drums: 8/10

Lyrics: 9/10

Songwriting: 8/10

Mixing: 8.5/10

Replayability: 8/10

Songwriting Integrity : 7.5/10

Complexity: 7.5/10

Overall: 77/100

Personal Enjoyment: 8/10

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#Mirrors #Northlane #DreamOnDreamer #IKilledThePromQueen

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