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Linkin Park // Looking For An Answer

Song: Looking For An Answer

Band: Linkin Park

Release: Premiered Live 28/10- not recorded as yet

Area: California

Date of release: 28/10/17

Reviewer: Steven Dunthorne

Linkin Park rounded off their musical tribute to late front man Chester Bennington with a new song 'Looking for an Answer'. Written by Mike Shinoda 8 days after Chester's passing, the piano ballad is a harrowing account of the self-doubt of someone who has just lost a friend to suicide. The lyrics "Were there things I should have said/Or something I should not have done?" reflect Shinoda and other band members' self-questioning of whether there was any help they could have offered Chester, or if he could have been helped at all.

Shinoda said in a brief speech before playing the song, that he was unsure whether the song would be recorded or not, but if the dèbut performance of the track is anything to go by, it would serve as both a brilliant comeback, or as a farewell to many loyal fans.


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