Newcastle punks Introvert have just been signed with UNFD a few weeks back! alongside this sick news they also announced and dropped a brand new single 'December'.  Keeping to their grunge roots this single is nothing short of a gem!

It's only been what feels like a few months since the I first heard Introvert. It was a great night a Hombre Records / Drone  - I know, it's been a few years actually but I knew it wouldn't be too long until everyone would be blessed with the heartfelt vocals and grungy rhythms.

When their debut three track EP 'Old Taste' dropped last year the boys finally got that bit of extra recognition, thanks to such outlets as Triple J and playing regular epic shows! 

I spoke to Vocalist Audie recently about all new things Introvert.

"With the new record we’re trying evolve our sound but still keep the Introvert from our EP 'Old Taste'

Haha, next year we’ll be working our butts off, we have a few tours lined up as well as getting our debut album out" 

Also mentioning the direction of the new record.

"it’s just going to be pure emotion, whatever we feel like works! But in saying that we wouldn't release anything we’re not happy with so we’ll be putting our all into this. Our EP was really rushed, we had a tight dead line so it’s good to have some time haha"

I don't know what it is, but I got chills hearing "stayyyyy if you want, leaaaaave I won't hold you back" there's something so hauntingly mesmerizing about Audie's vocals that has always gotten me. The bass lines work well and just creates such a heartfelt and raw track. I'm super stoked to the their Unify set and especially the new album.


Nu Shit


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