The Omnific [THAT band with two Bassists]

A few weeks ago i shared a video of two bassists and a drummer on Facebook, at the time i didn't know anything about this trio (yeah i thought they were French), or how ear-wormy their music could be. Every note, every groove and every single goddamn harmonic you never thought you'd need to hear. All in once bite-sized track that is engaging from start to finish.

You see what i mean, essentially flawless! Well they're back with some very exciting news! A new track and music video by the name of "Kismet" the almost 5 minute track basically covers the whole fret-board multiple times, the grace and finesse of each note sided with the quaint yet mesmerizing percussion just fills your headphones with serenity.

Oh by the way their sophomore EP of the same name drops on the 24th, You can grab it here, here, or here!


Nu Shit


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