Dinners With Dan # 4 [Keep Ya Hands To Yaself]

This week I’m going deep man, deeper then Cheech and Chong have ever gone.

It’s no secret, the last couple of months there have been some serious allegations against bands regarding sexual misconduct with certain people – certain people have also been underage. What the hell man. Seriously, these guys are in bands that are BIG. Why do they need to take advantage of their fans for, surely there are females/males who are of age willing to you know – do whatever needs to be done.

I mean, I’m married, I’ve had girlfriends and I’m just your average joe who is constantly broke/drunk and doesn’t have to much to offer apart from shitty written songs, a ever-growing beer gut and the self satisfaction of writing shit no one cares about BUT I’ve got some pretty sweet FIFA skills on PS4.

I guess it’s not surprising, it’s not really a ‘new’ thing, this has been going on for years and years it’s just coming more into light now and the music industry isn’t the only industry it’s happening in. Look at old mate Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein (to name a couple recent ones out of the sea of thousands) those lads have everything, money, power – I guess that’s where it must stem from. Power – having the total control over someone because of who you are and what you do.

I’ll get back to music, cause that’s what I know – well pretend to know anyway. This year has been great for Aussie Music. We’ve had some phenomenal albums come through and some songs that have well and truly blown me away. BUT there has been a light shone on the way we treat each other within the scene.

GIGS. I get it, gigs are fun, you are there to witness a band you love and jump around and have a great time. But there has been countless incidents of girls/women being grouped or sexually assaulted in some way, be it verbally or physically. WHAT THE FUCK DUDES. When you go to a show you are all there for the same reason TO HAVE FUN. No one, be it male or female should have to deal with any situation that makes them uncomfortable seeing a band they love (or really anywhere). If you are going to shows to ‘pick up’ you’re going for the wrong reasons. That’s why they have tinder, go take that shit away from gigs. If you aren’t there to have a good time and to keep people around you safe, FUCK OFF.

The music scene in general doesn’t need heroes within it, especially the Aussie Scene. We have got something special brewing within the scene, there is no doubt that we have some truly special bands, slowly making their way out of the abyss and into the spotlight and we need to make sure they have the best SCENE to do this in. We need to keep OUR scene safe and friendly. We need to SUPPORT each other and we need to be there for one another more then ever to keep this growing scene alive. Cause without the Aussie Music Scene, I know my life would be a hell of a lot harder and a hell of a lot more boring.

But who am I right? Why listen to a nobody? Maybe because the people that DO have the power, have been letting us nobodies down lately.


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