The Omnific // Kismet [EP Review]

Band: The Omnific

Release: Kismet

Area: Melbourne, Australia

Date of release: 24th November 2017

Genre: Experimental ProgRock/Jazz

Reviewer: Aaron van Akker

Record Label: Unsigned

For Fans Of: Majora, Dumbsaint, sleepmakeswaves

Next Gig: 9th December 2017, The Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy

"Kismet" is the sophomore EP release of Instrumental three piece The Omnific, coming out almost a year to the day after the bands first release, Sonorous EP released November 22nd 2016. Hailing form Melbourne and in true Melbourne form bring something a little different to the table, consisting of a drummer and two bassists a splattering of synth work and no vocals. These boys are certainly from left field, and I have a feeling that’s their aim.

The title, 'Kismet'. Is defined as “Destiny; Fate” and even though there are no lyrics to maintain a narrative throughout the EP, the music alone follows the ideals and feelings synonymous with these words. Each track contains this form of mystical wonder that could fit with any story of heroic destiny or fate to fruition tale.

With track one 'Proem' creating the feeling of birth and creation with upbeat slap bass accompanied with what sounds like a timber xylophone into a slow neutering run of dual bass guitars and solid comforting drums, forming the perfect introduction to each following track. The E.P’s itself is constructed so well its obvious there has been a fair bit of thought put into it, with each track showing more maturity as it moves along the story line and wrapping up with the final chords of track eight summing up the experience perfectly.

There’s some obvious talent here, the boys have obviously honed their craft. Jerome Lematua’s work on the drums is strong, but not overbearing. I could see where being in an instrumental band could encourage someone to go off the deep end with fills or trying to show off to gain recognition in the sound, but, in my opinion, there is just the right amount of flashy fills for those listening but it never strays away from keeping structure. Both Toby Pereson-Stewart and Matthew Fackrell, have obviously put in their time on bass covering all the techniques I’ve heard before but with their own flair. Together this makes not only a wonderfully gelled rhythm section that any seasoned band would be jealous of, but a fantastic band in its own right. All that being said, I feel like there is just something missing to push this sound right over the top, and finalise that epic story teller sound.

The EP was released on the 24th of November, through all the regular avenues and on Bandcamp where you can also order a hard copy for those of you who like me are still into that sort of thing. Check out track one and two for a feel for the E.P or maybe my personal favourite track seven Ersatz for a more frantic energetic track.

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Bass: 2/3..... GET IT???? SEE WHAT I DID THERE??? HAHA. But seriously 9/10

Drums: 7/10

Songwriting: 7/10

Mixing: 7.5/10

Replayability: 6.5/10

Songwriting Integrity : 8.5/10


Overall: 76/100

Personal Enjoyment: 6.5/10

#TheOmnific #Majora #Dumbsaint

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