The Return Of Grim Indiana // Interview with Shaun Powell

On the 8th of November the internet broke, with two words...

"We're back!".

Post-Hardcore band Grim Indiana are making a return, which is great news after their rather sudden hiatus. Anyway that is now all in the past, kicking off at 6PM at ECP Studios (derr) for only 10 bux you can see Liberties (also playing at Stick Tight Hardcore Night), Speakeasy (Dan reviewed their new single not too long ago), Trouble In Paradise (If they get 1000 likes on Facebook, old mate from Bicycle Day will get a tattoo of their logo!), Autumn (They're pretty Rad! we should have a live review after their gig with The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan and Honest Crooks), and finally Reliqa, trust me it'll be fucking worth it!

Click the image for the event!

What's it mean to you, returning to the stage?

It feels great honestly, to be back where we left off, eager to create something together again. When we walked away from the band last year it all happened so suddenly, so to be able to pick up the pieces and get back to doing our thing feels like the right thing. What took you so long?

If you asked me a year ago I wouldn't have thought we would ever return. We've all gone through a lot of personal growth away from the band and maybe all those hours spent working, studying, and travelling, helped us realise what we missed out on. What's planned next?

After this reunion show I'm really keen on writing more tunes with the boys and recording something that we can be proud of. I'm sure there will be more shows in 2018! Did you choose the supports?

Yes :^)

Liberties, Speakeasy, & Autumn were the first bands I asked. We're really happy that we can play shows with these legends again and to host them at our own venue is something special. As for Trouble in Paradise and Reliqa, I'm so glad to have these kickass coastie bands on the bill. Both Trouble and Reliqa have been working hard this year and have gained a lot of experience and momentum. Any further comments? Come along to the gig this Saturday! Bring some milk for Eli, he won't forget it :^)

You heard the man, don't forget the milk!

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