Dinners With Dan # 8 - The Final Countdown 2/4

YO YO, this week check it, I’m looking at my favourite Hip Hop tracks of 2017 YOOOOOO!

Ye, sorry about that just getting myself in the mood for some bangers that were dropped this year! I haven’t been as involved in the Hip Hop scene as I have in previous years, this mainly due to the fact I’ve been looking into the Punk/Rock Aussie scene a lot more then usual, but I have still come across some tracks that have truly blown me away – and they are as follows:

In no particular order:

NJE Feat Joseph Gatehau // Innocence Lost – NJE is becoming one of my favourites in the scene of late. His positive attitude really connects with me and it’s something I think we are missing more of. I’ve heard a lot of depressing tracks in the scene that deal with depressing issues and I understand why because music is the best outlet for these issues, but it’s always refreshing to hear someone being more positive in their content and the way they approach music. His latest single is a certified banger and I was lucky enough to drop a review on it previously!

Purpose // Whole Squad – Purpose has been around for some time now and this year he really took a step up being signed to Golden Era Records which is HUGE and well deserved for this hard working talent. He dropped a single off his new album and it’s a real head nodder. Purpose has always had a good flow about him and this track encapsulates him perfectly nothing too overly serious but still with great lines, the production quality is great as well on the track.

Horrorshow // Cherry Blossom –Horrorshow are my favourite group in the Aussie scene. From Solo’s chilled vibe and flows to Adit’s sweet production they are always on the top of my Aussie Hip Hop lists so I couldn’t not put them on here. They dropped a banger of an album ‘Bardo State’ and this is the latest single they have released from it. It’s a great, positive track which is something I really dig and it’s a love song, but it stays away from the overwrought clichés that follow these types of song - plus Adit really kills it on the track. Their Acoustic tour is next level – I advise anyone who is interested in Hip Hop or just music in general to go and check them out!

Urthboy // Crushing Hard -I've always loved Urthboy. His chilled vibe is always infectious and he is always standing up for the right things in life. His latest track is a prime example of him as an artist and person. It's chilled, got a great message and is well written and performed perfectly. His flow and lyrics are always great and I connected with this track heaps. I'm expecting even more greatness from him to come!

Seth Sentry // Play it Safe -Seth Sentry pretty much encompasses my feelings in his tracks. I first heard his 'Waiter Minute' EP years ago and his track 'Train Catcher' made me love him. I haven't really kept up to date with his releases, due to falling out of the hip hop scene a bit, but when I heard this track I knew he still had it. His flow is always on point and his lyrics match. His chilled vibe helps and his laid back not too serious attitude comes through in his music and his lyrics. This track really hit it with me, the message behind it is true and easily relatable for those who fall into the standard 9 to 5 life, like myself and the every growing attitude of 'I can't give a fuck anymore about who I want to be'. Reality is hard to face sometimes but Mr Sentry helps with the realisation

So that's it for my Hip Hop top 5 of the year. I haven't been as involved in the Hip Hop scene as I would usually be this year. But these tracks still bring a warm feeling and takes me back to when I was 18 and falling in love with it.

Nostalgic Track - Midtown // Give It Up

Local Track - Ceres // Choke

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