Dinners With Dan #10 - The Final Countdown 4/4

So 2017 is drawing to a close. It's been a hell of a year for the Aussie Scene and my life in general. Filled with ups and downs the year flew by like a Jamaican Bobsled team.

To round out the year, I'm picking my five favourite Metal songs of the year. Now, Metal is not my forte. It used to be when I was younger but I've grown older and become less fond of having people scream at me. But in saying that I still appreciate it and am in awe of what some metal bands can do.

So, in no particular order my top 5 of the year:

Diamond Construct // Paradox -Unrelenting, in ya face, technical and non stop. Just a handful of words I can throw out for this track. It's HUGE and the DC lads have had a HUGE year. The instrumentation is next level throughout the whole track and put together perfectly, please I love myself metal with clean's thrown in and the cleans here gave me some chills.

Convex // Chrysalis -Convex have had a stellar year. Their EP dropped and they have made some serious waves in the metal scene picking up some awesome gigs along the way. Their EP was truly epic, one that I've spun quite a bit considering Metal isn't what my ears are drawn to these days. I'm super impressed and they seem like a great bunch of guys so the sky is the limit from here.

Above The Fallen // Heart -Above The Fallen dropped their debut single this year and it was massive. The lads are really shaping up to make some serious waves next year and if this single is anything to go off, they've got some serious talent and lots more to grace us with.

Polaris // Lucid -It's no doubt that Polaris have already broken the scene and made it their own. They are HUGE and only getting bigger and bigger and they deserve ever accolade they get. Their music is top notch, a testament to the Aussie Metal Scene and plus they remind me of the kind of Metal I loved as a teenager with a little bit of Underoath

Above, Below // Inferno -I've only recently got wind of these lads, unlucky for me that I didn't realise they dropped their EP at the start of the year but lucky for me I know now cause I've got something new to listen too. It's a great EP, hard to choose just one song from it but I gave it my best and Inferno is TOP NOTCH.

So that's it from me for the year. It's been a BIG year for Behind the Scene and I just want to thank the Main man himself Byron, for allowing me to write for the scene and music that I love. It's been a great outlet for me and a great way for me to really dive into the Aussie Scene that I've been a part of for the better part of 10 years now. Also, thanks to all the bands I've reviewed and listened too. Thanks for producing such quality music and for keeping the Aussie Scene alive - without you, this Country would be a lot more boring.

Lastly, just want to thank anyone that's given any article/review/writing of mine a read, I am not a writer by any means I just fucking love music and I hope you've had some laughs with me or even found some music you love through me. Next year is going to be even bigger for BTS so enjoy the ride with us.

Catch you next year!

#Underoath #Convex #AboveTheFallen #Polaris #AboveBelow

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