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Bridge The Border X Disillusioned X Avidity X Future Static X Mannequin Death Squad [GIG REPORT]

Headliner: Bridge The Border

Supports: Bands: Disillusioned // Avidity // Future Static // Mannequin Death Squad

Date: 15/12/17

Venue: Rockstar Bar Frankston

Presented By: Crash Music Events

Photos By: Nick Tucker

Firstly the Rockstar Bar is a perfect old school “band room” with a huge stage and even bigger sound! As I got there they had Tired Lion booming through the place followed by Northlane, setting the trend for a massive night!

First band up was Disillusioned, a name I’d seen around the scene but hadn’t caught live. From the quick sound check you knew there wasn't going to be many ballads! They are a female fronted group with Mim on the mic but share vocals and all have great shape. Perfect band to open with as they were solid from start to finish and had a great humour between songs (if anything too much at times but that’s taste). These guys gave a great pop punk performance that had the crowd jumping.

Avidity was up next and the whisper around the scene was solid about these guys, so I was keen to see for myself. From song one I could tell whilst this lineup was new, this crew had done it before! Thumping hardcore drums with catchy riffs and the energy/emotion of Alisa up front, the half hour set simply wasn’t long enough. An unexpected highlight was a Neck Deep 'A Part of Me' cover that they made their own! Judging from this set, Avidity could be Melbourne’s Alt Rock next up & comer!

Future Static are another band with massive raps that I’ve missed this year so I was pumped to catch them. Straight away the force of vocalist Bri was off tap with strong pipes plus great stage presence. Future clearly aim to please as the set was jam packed with a bounce vibe that Tonight Alive would be happy with and the attitude of an on fire Tired Lion! It wasn’t a surprise when they pulled out cover of Violent Soho, 'Covered in Chrome' it suited them down to a tee, good Aussie fun punk band. If what I saw was an example of their standard gig, Future Static are in for a ground breaking 2018.

Mannequin Death Squad were up next and I’ll admit that I’m an unashamed fan of Dan & Elly having caught them twice before. I noticed the room not really paying attention during their set up, totally unaware of what was about to take place. From the first strum of the guitar the crowd whipped around to see who was making these unique tones with vocals dripping with theater. Drawn to the front were many of the musos on the bill all wide eyed at the abrasive yet flawless performance from one of the most exciting acts out of Melbourne in recent times. I cannot compare them to anyone from the scene right now, they are peerless. After several tours of the UK and a few years on the Melbourne underground scene, it won't be long before this dynamic duo burst big!

Bridge The Border were clearly the major drawcard on the night with the front of stage filled deep with punters reciting chorus after chorus so it was easy to get carried away with their set. Having seen them mid year the thing that impressed me the most was their growth as a band and how tight they’d become. Pop punk party is their game and they killed it! But then it happened... THE SHOEY! It’s your call whether it’s your thing or not, I’m still on the fence. But it IS entertaining and I get the feeling that’s all these boys aim for, please the crowd and they did. BTB are smooth, smiley, tight and good fun boys that will delight fans of any live music.

An impromptu All Star performance of 'Dammit' closed out the night with members of Bridge The Border, Avidity & Future Static all performing. Whilst it was clearly unrehearsed it was a laugh with a bit of crowd surfing and stage antics, which is always great to see bands just having fun.

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