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//Can you give us a brief history of the band and releases?//

The band formed around 2015 and we released our first single 'Lydia' in 2016. We had a number of line up changes, mainly trying to keep a drummer haha, which stalled progress for a while but we've landed feet first with the best group of people and working harder then ever. This EP is a sum of the last few years of songwriting and how we've progressed.

//How did the band originate?//

It basically originated from meeting a few fellow metal heads at party's around Geelong which lead to practicing in a band members small bedroom. We were all very new to making original music.

//What's the first band who made you love music?//

Liam- Linkin Park, when Hybrid Theory came out it sparked a huge love for heavy music. Heavy but catchy guitar riffs, piercing vocals, add some rap, perfect!

Jamie- As embarrassing as this is haha I'd have to say HIM. My older brother got me into them early and it snowballed from there as I got into band's like Trivium and Lamb of God.

//Who inspires you to make music now?//

I think the inspiration for us to make music comes from just the love we have for it. It's a creative outlet for us, it's quite addictive and rewarding. Our inspirations on how we write definitely changes all the time, I would say our biggest influences originally are Architects, Northlane and Parkway Drive but has also been hugely affected by bands like Polaris and Novelists.

//What are some of the most important things you have learn while being together?//

I think this band and our progress over the years has shown me what the pay offs can be with hard work and dedication. The things we have achieved only shows me that further progress could be possible and makes me strive for that. Everyone wants to make sure that they are living life to the fullest and for me touring around states with some of my best friends doing something I love is exactly that.

//How do you view your band now as apposed to when you started?//

The biggest change I'd say would be the progress we've all made as musicians for sure, both in writing music and performing. We've honed the ways we operate into a smooth system that works really well for us, unlike when we started which was mostly throwing around cheesy riffs!

//What's your favourite venue to play?//

Um. That's a tough one! I'd say for me personally (Jamie), I really enjoy playing Karova Lounge in Ballarat. The size of the stage and venue is perfect for shows and the vibe people bring is always nuts.

//Can you explain what goes on during the writing process?//

We've gone through a couple processes over the years to be honest. The one that's working best for us at the moment is Liam and I generally will put together ideas for new songs, new riffs etc and bring them to the rest of the band. Corey then writes the drums and usually adds/changes the guitars as well as he comes up with some insane riff ideas! Then the five of us will generally flesh out the rest of the song together at practice and Jayden writes all the lyrics. We're lucky to be in a group where all the members have a good grasp/understanding of guitar and songwriting. So when I say Liam and I bring the song ideas, it's starting to move towards something that everyone contributes to.

//Can you explain the recording process you go through?//

Well we start by doing as much pre production as we can at home. This helps us give us more of an understanding of how it's going to turn out and let's us edit stuff before we're paying for studio time. Once that's done we book in with Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios and trust he'll help bring our stuff to the best it can be. Which he always does!

//What does this release mean to you?//

This EP is pretty much a snapshot of us over the last couple years. It's shown how our songwriting has progressed (starting with 'Nausea' our first song, and ending with 'Shadow Puppets' our most recent). It also kind of marks the end of that era of our lineup as we had our ex drummer Tom Allevi record these songs. Moving forward onto our next release, which we are charging towards for early 2018, will illustrate our current and permanent lineup with new drummer Corey Mole and bassist Adrian Trinchera. We hope to show everyone how we've progressed even further and have never been in a better place as a group.

//What does the scene mean to you?//

The scene is a special thing to me, I've made some absolute legends through touring and playing shows around the country. Some of my best friends I would have never met if it hadn't been for being part of the scene.

//If you could change one thing about the scene, what would it be?//

Honestly the one thing I don't love is some of the 'genre bashing' that goes on in our style of music. I personally get around most styles of heavy music and just don't understand where this mentality comes from. Not to mention the scene would benefit greatly if it stopped.

//What song means the most to you?//

Probably Shadow Puppets. I wasn't one of the 'founder's of Amberyse so by the time I got involved some of the early songs had already been written. Shadow Puppets is when I started getting heavily involved in the song writing.

//What's your favourite song to play live?//

Easily Homewrecker. This song CRUSHES live and we always have people going nuts in the pit! And because it's not suuuper technical haha we get to have heaps of fun on stage.

//Why do you play music?//

Well i cant speak for everyone but personally it's my escape from day to day life. The daily grind can get a bit much from time to time haha so having this is an excellent way to keep sane! And doing it with some of my closest mates makes it all the better.

//Would you encourage people reading this to start bands?//

100% do it! You'll make some lifelong friends and nothing quite feels the same as playing on stage and seeing people react to your music.

//What advice do you have for new bands?//

Just do it. Pick up an instrument and start writing music. Even if it's terrible! Once you start collaborating with other musicians, good or bad, you will only get better. Being around others with the same goal just helps everyone push to be better and as a result you get better music.

//How important is it to network with other bands?//

Probably the single most important thing of trying to be a successful live/touring band! It's really about who you know, and getting to know the right people will do more for you than any amount of emails/messages ever could when trying to land shows. If you're playing a show, stick around! Stay and watch all the band's and get to know them! You'll see results INSTANTLY.


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