DREGG // Don't Go Into The Mangroves Featuring Nick Adams of Justice For The Damned [Music Video

Song: Don’t Go Into The Mangroves Featuring Nick Adams of Justice For The Damned


Release: Don’t Go Into The Mangroves (Music Video)

Area: Melbourne, Victoria.

Date of release: 09/01/18

Genre: Alternative Experimental Post-Hardcore Hip-Hop

Record Label: DREGGmusic

Mixed/Mastered by Shane Edwards

Videographer: Josh Hanson

For Fans Of: Ocean Grove, Rage Against The Machine

“Don’t Go Into The Mangroves” is the latest music video from Melbourne-based Experimental Hardcore outfit DREGG, released on last year’s self-titled EP. The music video was released just a few days prior to their appearance at this year’s UNIFY Heavy Music Gathering festival in Tarwin Lower, Victoria. The song promotes the idea of being able to think for yourself, have your own beliefs and political views and don’t simply accept things as true or become a sheep due to societal expectations.

The music video filmed by Josh Hanson comes across as an acid trip through the streets of Melbourne with plenty of great pop culture references including The Brady Bunch, a 90’s test pattern screen and The Looney Tunes. The blending of blurred camera footage, slowed effects, static, subtitles, colour inversion and overlapping imagery creates a really quirky abstract montage. The video ends with bassist Glenn Romano laughing hysterically in an alleyway, holding a book with LIFE on the cover, as a way of saying “Don’t take life too seriously” before vocalist Christopher Mackertish delivers the classic line “That’s All Folks”.

Vocals: 8.5/10)

Guitars: 9/10

Bass: 8.5/10

Drums: 8/10

Lyrics: 3.5/5

Video Narrative : 7/10

Video Production: 15/20 Visual Effectiveness : 22/25

Overall: 82/100

Personal Enjoyment: 8.5/10

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#Dregg #OceanGrove #JusticeForTheDammed #RageAgainstTheMachine

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