Headliner: In Hearts Wake

Supports: Young Lions, Diamond Construct, Convex

Date: Thursday January 25th, 2018

Venue: Port Macquarie Panthers | The Basement

Presented By: Port Macquarie Gigs and Events

Let me tell you a little story, in late September I hit up Barbs to see if BTS could work it's magic at the In Hearts Wake gig at The Basement. He was stoked with the idea and we started planning. Fast forward to January 25th (Day of the gig) our Plan A fell through, something about needing car rego. Our second plan luckily came into fruition two hours from doors. We set off on the hour trip and it was a journey, some bloke ran off the road and hit a few trees (the car was messed up bad), we witnessed a few counts of road rage and let me tell you this. Port Mac Red Rooster was the worst part about the whole day.

We get to the gig and I do my thing (my thing on this occasion was being behind the lens) and it made me realise just how much I missed being at shows and shooting them. This was the third time seeing IHW and my first time shooting them. 15 year old me was fanboying, I even took my Skydancer t-shirt and Anna got her "Divination" CD signed.

As I was pretty pre-occupied with shooting, my review of the night isn't as in depth as I would've liked but the photos will make up for that.


Look, I'm not going to call out anyone here here but (yes the dreaded but) midway through Convex set, the audio was fucked, now the band was sounding pretty good throughout their set, even announcing that they would be filming the video to 'Ascension' they stayed in time for the most part and their samples didn't overrule the rest of the band.

Things started sounding tinny and at times just hard to listen to, as these guys didn't have their own dedicated tech/ sound crew (the other three bands did) it could've been a program error. Either way, the stage presence of Harsh Vocalist Chris Dunn pulled many of the audience closer, edging the pit and many windmills were present. It was an interesting show for these hometown boys, I did notice a load of people buying their "Compromises" EP which is great!


I hadn't seen Diamond Construct perform a live set in over a year and a half, apart from band prac. It just felt like a few mates hanging out together (it always does), Last year these boys cemented a big name for themselves. Touring alongside windwaker for their Co-Headline string of shows "The Fading Sun Tour"

Bursting onto the stage, front-man Kynan Groundwater focuses on the crowd and draws them in, rubbing the heads of punters and assuring them that they are gonna start bouncing around, Drummer Adam Kilpatrick counts them in. The room would not stay still, These boys can work a fuckin' crowd. I was even headbanging while taking pics. During the middle of the breakdown of 'Paradox' , Braden, Lucas and Cal were all swinging side to side as if they were that swinging boat ride.

This one...


You know when you're seeing a few bands you love and there is a support on the bill that you just are not sure on, well for me that is Young Lions. We tried listening to their album a few times and it never really took, hastily we tried once more in the car trip to Port.


After the second song in their set I found myself wanting to spin kick whoever was closest. The studio recordings really don't do this band justice, front-man Zach putting on a show that was raw and real. Exclaiming at one point "This isn't a fucking coffee shop, jump around" the punters were an interesting bunch, it looked like they were running out of energy but I assure you Zach made them feel energized. Jumping up onto one of the speaker set ups and encouraging moshing and hardcore. It was a good time.


It's IN HEARTS WAKE, of course they were good. I'd seen them at The Round House on their "Skydancer Tour" and at Maitland on the Groovin The Moo show a few years back. I really don't know how their live performances can improve. Kyle was being cheeky, he and Evan had their own brief circle pits on stage, spinning around each other.

Jake spent every moment up the front of the stage, only stepping back to quench his thirst and juggle one of the blow up beach balls. Drummer Conor started smashing the toms, It was 'Passage' time. Jake runs to dive onto the same boat that has been at every show on the tour. There wasn't much depth to the room so it was a pretty quick paddle but everyone was getting into it!



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