Supports: Distracted By Pink, One More Weekend

Date: Thursday February 1st, 2018

Venue: Mr. Boogie Man Bar. 160 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, Victoria, 3067.

Presented By: Mr. Boogie Man Bar

My energy levels were pretty low today and yet I somehow managed to push through all the hectic events and tasks that I had to complete during the day (I actually spoke to a Naturopath about it this week but that’s another story). I knew that once again I’d have to endure the tediousness of replacement buses (this time between Dandenong and Westall) along my train line due to the Level Crossing Removal Works.

I got myself a little lost and confused at Dandenong station as the replacement buses weren’t departing from their usual place (Foster Street). Instead I had to traverse the overhead walkway out to the Cheltenham Road end of the station. Luckily I asked a couple of staff to make sure I was getting on the correct bus towards the city.

Surprisingly I made pretty good time and managed to get myself to Collingwood station by 7.30pm. When it comes to areas I’m not too familiar with, the most important thing I need to do is get my bearings. Fortunately, I did my homework prior to tonight and managed to locate both Mr Boogie Man BAR and a local McDonalds store in the opposite direction along Hoddle Street.

Whilst I recently stated that I’m trying hard to get back into working on my weight loss goals, I really didn’t have the time to consider my food options and I was starving (eating is important, just saying!). I also usually don’t do caffeine at this time of night but again I really needed to remain awake and alert for the next three hours or so. The last thing I wanted to do was pass out on the sofa inside the Mr. Boogie Man Bar before the bands even start.

I was actually really looking forward to this gig despite how tired I was and how long it took me to get there via public transport (a couple of hours). The social anxiety and awkwardness was also giving me grief tonight. I immediately could feel myself getting flustered and on edge when I was hanging out with the boys from Distracted By Pink and meeting a few others in the bar. But this uncomfortable feelings began to dissipate as soon as the bands started playing and it was a welcome relief.


“It’s kinda funny don’t you think. How we talk while using technology. And I, I don’t get why. You misguided me . I thought I was your friend just talk to me.” - Generation

So I’ve been meaning to see this four piece Alternative/Pop-Punk band from the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne for quite a few months now. I first discovered them after tuning into an interview and live acoustic performance they did on the radio program Not Quite Midnight on 3MDR back in August 2017. Borrowing influences from Australian bands such as Kisschasy and Birds of Tokyo, I instantly fell in love with their music and quickly purchased their debut album We Used To...

Recently, I formed an online connection and friendship with lead vocalist and guitarist Connor Dougan who I had the pleasure of finally meeting tonight. I really wasn’t expecting him to be short nor to be rocking a 90’s styled perm haircut so I was a little caught off guard. Performance wise, the boys were highly entertaining with plenty of in-jokes made, audience participation by call and response, sing-a-longs, cuddling and a group photo by photographer Dylan Martin. We actually reviewed "We Used To" their album of 2017 otherwise stream it here!

Setlist: Leave Me Be, Faceless Names, De-Icing My Car, Listen, Deprived, Boxheads, Generation.


“With a whisper in the ear. You started out like gold. You turn right into paper. But cut beneath my soul. I started as an Angel. But fell into a hole. Apart of me is waiting. To see sun set again.” - Whisper The last time I caught this Melbourne-based Alternative Rock/Pop-Punk band was at the Rockstar Bar in Frankston last year. Lead vocalist Andrew Hewitt sung his heart out passionately, sitting on the black stage box and getting intimate with the audience. Drummer Matt Wanden also joined in for a sing-a-long and fronted the band briefly with a few punters huddling around them. It was great to see the boys having a laugh and not taking themselves too seriously like Andrew doing a random Coca-cola product placement!

If you know me well enough, you’d know I’m a pretty modest, humble and low maintenance guy who hates being the center of attention. So of course I got a shout-out from the Distracted By Pink boys. I was buzzing with positive energy and it was a very kind gesture which I appreciated greatly. You can stream them here!

Setlist: Hypocrite, Whisper, Opportunity, Cheated. Covers of Green Day’s Basket Case and Panic At The Disco!’s I Write Sins Not Tragedies.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stick around for this four-piece Pop-Punk band from Ringwood but make sure you check out their tunes via the following link.

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