WAKE THE BLIND // Welcome To The Scene // Melbourne

We are here to welcome Melbourne 5 piece modern metal outfit Wake The Blind to the scene!

VOCALS - Jacob Booth | DRUMS - Adam Spackman |GUITAR - Mitchell Camov |GUITAR - Dan Jones | BASS - Tré Very (not pictured)

Wake The Blind is a Nu Metalcore band from Melbourne that is working to create a united and fun experience for fans of Aggressive Music. Blending a mix of Nu Metal, Post Hardcore, Hip-Hop and Metalcore. I caught up with their Vocalist Jacob recently, Welcoming them to the scene!

Hey Jacob thanks for reaching out and talking to me today, could you tell me the backstory behind Wake The Blind?

My pleasure dude! Wake The Blind started out as a solo project that I originally created as a "Band" name that I could create music under until I could eventually find members with the same drive that I had to turn it into a full band. Eventually our drummer Adam reached out to me after seeing a meme I posted to VCE Discussion Space and we got talking. Things kicked right off and we kept bringing in other talented musicians until we had our final lineup in late December 2017.

We all know naming a band is hard, so can you tell more more about the origin of the name Wake The Blind and a brief history of the band?

Couldn't agree more. The name developed through the view I had of a lot of people in our current society being blind to underlying issues which are essentially just creating more issues. It's easy for any of us to point the finger at someone else who has a problem, but it's extremely difficult for the same people to look at the problems around them that are causing it. Acknowledging things that we are doing wrong is naturally a difficult thing for us to do, but complete ignorance is another thing. So many people are blind to the fact that what they do impacts others greatly. They need to wake the fuck up. We're going to create a fun and united place for whoever may want to join it. If you want in, we will welcome you with open arms. If not, we're not going to hold that against you. That is the essence of Wake The Blind.

I know it's very early on in the piece but I've gotta ask, who inspires you to make music?

We have a rather diverse influence of styles in our movement in Nu Metalcore. We take influence from Melodic Metalcore bands like Architects and Bring Me The Horizon, Progressive bands like Periphery, Deathcore and Death Metal bands such as Whitechapel and After The Burial, Alternative Metal bands like Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit, current RnB artists like Rihanna and Hip-Hop artists like Eminem. The list goes on, but those artists definitely make up the most of our influence!

In the past year how much have you grown as a band, what could you work on?

We've come so far as a band in the past year. In fact, this March will mark 12 months since Wake the Blind transitioned from a Solo Project to a Band. We started with views of simply finding a fresh, progressive sound, which has grown immensely ever since. We have goals of selling out certain venues like Northcote Social Club, The Corner Hotel and 170 Russell over the next 5 years. We have merchandise production in the works, a fashion label which will come to fruition over the next 12 months, and a few surprises in stock which will hopefully be ready to announce by the end of 2018! We're already more than just a band, we're entrepreneurs!

So you've got a sick riff in your head, how do you turn that into a song? Can you outline your processes?

Google Drive my dude! It's all happening there. Someone writes a riff and we toss ideas back and forth over a number of weeks until we've got a final demo that we like! Adam mixes everything from our demos and final copies to our advertisement soundtrack (LEGEND), and we'll just bounce ideas until it goes from a riff to a song! Sometimes we'll rewrite entire songs multiple times before we're completely satisfied with the fresh and exciting vibes we get from it!

What does this release 'Overcome' mean to you?

This release is everything Wake The Blind has been working for ever since it became an official band. This our first official step into the music industry. We've done months of planning, writing, market engagement tests and a shit load of lost sleep! When the 24th of February comes, the single releases, and our Single Launch show at Wrangler that same day all kicks in, we will enter our long awaited second phase of our journey. That's what 'Overcome' is to us.

What does the scene mean to you, If you could change one thing what would it be?

The scene is what we hope to create a community within. It's no secret that fans of Metal and Core styles can be quite closed minded or afraid of change (as we all are), but we're here for those who want to experience something different. Something new and exciting. Something where they feel they belong and are valued, not because of who they agree or disagree with, but because they know that everyone

else in that community simply wants the same thing that they do, to have a safe, fun, and united experience, listening to music that they love and hanging out with like minded people.


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