Alda Sky // All Those Deserving [Single Review]

Song: All Those Deserving Band: Alda Sky Area: Adelaide/Pt Augusta Date of release: 29/4/17 Genre: Metalcore Reviewer: Ethan Toghill Mixer: Hugh Atkinson Masterer: Hugh Atkinson For Fans Of: All That Remains, Hopes Die Last, Wage War, While She Sleeps

“Over and over the bridges are burning for all those deserving I'm not sure this falsehood can last I'm reading the signs, buried the past over and over again Repeating time until death”

If you have ever needed proof that Australian metalcore bands are up there with the greats of the world, this is band that can solidify that ideal. Taken from their debut EP “Reflections” this track is a piece that you can definitely bang your head to.

‘All Those Deserving' is a tasty riff that instantly makes your neck start to twitch. With the explosive vocals of Josh matching the raw power of Phil Labonte of All That Remains, the song instantly captures your attention, along with the hard hitting drums and heavy ass guitar. This song has it all. The harsh screams bleeding into skillful solos, topping it all off with a nice melodic chorus intertwining the cleaner metalcore style to its otherwise hardcore roots.

I can personally hear a lot of some of my favourite bands in these guys sound which is why their music has really clicked. By listening to this track I get the vibe of metalcore heavyweights such as All That Remains and Dream on Dreamer provide which is definitely not a bad thing. Overall I rate Alda Sky really highly and if you’re a fan of metalcore/hardcore I guarantee you will too.

Screams – 4/5, Cleans – 4/5 Guitars: 8/10 Bass: 6/10 Drums: 8/10 Lyrics: 3/5

WYGAST: 5/5 Mixing: 7/10 Production: 17/20 Structure: 17/20

Overall: 79/100 Personal Enjoyment: 85/100

#AldaSky #AllThatRemains #WageWar #WhileSheSleeps #DreamOnDreamer

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