For me, Underøath have been one of my most beloved, favourite bands for the better part of the last decade. Define The Great Line is arguably the most perfect album put out by a post-hardcore outfit, and I couldn't be any happier to break the news that these guys are back at it again.

Check out their new single 'On My Teeth' in promotion of their new album "Erase Me" below.

In the video above, front-man Spencer Chamberlain opens the video exclaiming “now we're on tour with Bring Me The Horizon doing a support tour, no one thinks we're gonna make a record?”. Well to that Spencer, I gotta say I definitely saw it coming, and furthermore, I am absolutely ecstatic with the news!

For those unfamiliar with Underøath, these guys spent a long time under the radar prior to changing front-man and releasing what is commonly seen as a staple of early 2000s post-hardcore and emo in general with their record "They're Only Chasing Safety". Following up with a slightly darker "Define The Great Line", the outfit adopted a more and more industrial and progressive sound until finishing up with Ø (Disambiguation). Fast forward to the present, from what I've seen in this single, Underøath are returning to a less industrial vibe while putting a modern spin on their unique sound for 'On My Teeth', and I for one could not be any more excited for what's to come!

"Erase Me" will be dropping April 6 via Fearless Records.

Keep track of Underøath via the links below, and jump on the mailing list which will be up and running again very soon!

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