Aussie Metal Gods Parkway Drive Unveil New Single "Wishing Wells"

While you were all asleep last night, the Aussie gods of metal Parkway Drive dropped their new single “Wishing Wells”. No details of an album have yet been released, but we can surely expect more soon if the band and it’s members’ social media accounts are anything to go by!

Now I don’t know if it’s just me, but the band really missed the mark on this video in my opinion. The single take facecam at some points is kinda cool, but for the most part it seems awkward and makes vocalist Winston McCall look like he’s just been trying to force out a fat one as the video progresses. That said, video aside, this song absolutely kicks ass! With the intense level of production you can expect any modern Parkway release to have, these fellas kick in hard from the end of the intro, and man, you can feel it in your bones! The interesting use of wah throughout the song was a welcome addition to the track, adding some extra texture to a tune that already had a very classic Parkway vibe.

Now I’m a hardcore “Horizons” fanboy, and suffice to say the lyrics on this track couldn’t hold a candle to their old material. With that in mind though, I found the lyrics on this track palatable, albeit lacking a powerful emotive drive like they have in the past. Can’t exactly blame McCall for that though. He can’t really complain too much, living in the beautiful Byron Bay with his happy family, soaking up the sun and surf, only to be interrupted by traveling the world and playing to hundreds of thousands of fans each year. A stark comparison to the way he lived during the writing of "Horizons"! I suppose it’s for the best though, as these guys are in very good form as things stand.

"“Wishing Wells” is the compression of grief into song,” McCall had stated in an article with Resist Records. “It’s attempting to place blame when there is none, seeking answers where there is only emptiness, and ultimately trying to find some kind of reason and meaning to justify the ultimate loss we will all be faced with in life. This is how this chapter begins and will end.”

All in all, this is a strong opener to what I can only imagine will be a wild ride of a campaign Parkway Drive have planned for us this year.

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