Dinners With Dan #17

Hey, so this week in the spirit of the Madi Gras parade going on in my hometown Sydney Saturday night I decided to have a bit of a look into my favourite artists who fall under the category of loving someone of the same sex or identify as who they are.

Now, I know this can be a hard topic for some, but really that's fucking stupid to me. People can love whoever they want, plain and simple. End of it, move on. No If's, not But's, no my 'religion' says this - nope, not having it, grow up, accept love and equality and move on.

Anyways, enough about that, let me list some of my favourite artists and the tracks they have!

In no particular order (PSA- not all band members may be, but at least one is):

George Michael // Freedom

Now besides being a really iconic video, the track alone is a REALLY good track. If you actually pick apart the lyrics in the track it's really a open letter about coming out.

I think there's something you should know I think it's time I told you so There's something deep inside of me There's someone else I've got to be Take back your picture in a frame Take back your singing in the rain I just hope you understand Sometimes the clothes do not make the man

I mean like COME ON how good is that. It's a catchy as hell song too and George has a GREAT voice and the meaning behind it really makes it a even better track.

Against Me! // I Was A Teenage Anarchist

In 2013 lead singer Laura Jane Grace (Thomas James Gabel) came out as Transgender. After years and years of battling Gender Dysphoria she came out as who she really is. They have and still do release great punk music.

The track I listed is a big one for us ageing punk rockers who remember the days when we used to not give a fuck, now we are busy raising children and making ends meet - well me anyway (but I still enjoy disputing the norm occasionally)

Elton John // Tiny Dancer

Man, I've loved Elton Johns music since my parents played him when I was a kid. In between the metal and Punk I grew up on I would always throw on this song and his track 'Daniel' for obvious reasons haha.

His voice is one of the best to ever grace this earth and his song writing mixed with Bernie Taupins incredible lyrics are really perfect.

Queen // Who Wants To Live Forever

Now, Freddie is THE BEST vocalist ever (imo) and one of the greatest rock song writers of all time. His influence on Rock music and the whole Stadium vibe that goes with it is untouched by anyone. He wrote some of the most catchy, touching songs EVER in rock and his voice is unmatched, I don't care who you think is better, they ain't (sorry, but not really). No discrediting the other members of Queen, they allowed Freddie to shine the way he did by producing great music for his voice, but it will always be Freddie that stands on the top of everyone else.

The song I have chosen is one Brian May wrote, but it showcases Freddies voice and emotion - just check out the video, it's fucking breath taking.

Being Jane Lane // Never Have I Ever

The Birssy ladies are one of my favourite local bands going around. Not only do they produce really hard hitting music that is also fun as hell they also stand up for who they are and what they believe in, whilst still enjoying themselves along the way and not taking themselves too seriously but serious enough - you get me!

I've beaten the drum about their new track 'Sailboat' so I thought I would chuck in a song off their earlier EP. It's a great EP and it's got some sweet songs on it, I advise you check it out.

So that about sums it up for me, there are plenty of bands I've left off, I could write for hours but I don't want to do that to anyone who wants to have a read, plus I can't be fucked typing whilst juggling looking after my child right now, she loves hitting keys on the laptop :/

One last thing, remember to love one another, cause in the end, Love is all we got to keep the world moving forward (pass the doobie right?).

Dan's Nostalgic Track of The Week - Meat Loaf // Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Dan's Local Track Of The Week: Madam Wong // Cannibal

#BeingJaneLane #MadamWong #AgainstMe

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