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Chillinit is Killin It

Australian rapper ChillinIt has been blowing up all over social media in the Aussie community recently, with 12,000 likes on his Facebook page and a substantial following on SoundCloud it's no secret that he must have some talent.

The artist that calls himself Chillinit has recently released a music video and a track called 'Talk Like That' which has some incredible wordplay and some crisp visual qualities. I thought the same when I first heard of him, I instantly thought another Kerser clone that constantly releases music that sounds the same as the last (and hey I'm not dissing Kerser at all.)

Chillinit is mostly known for his powerful wordplay and his “weed enthusiast” style but he sure knows how to adapt to multiple genres of hip hop and it works really well, The different style in a song every once in awhile gives different people something they might enjoy over another, and it's really great to see artists switching it up consistently and not just spitting over the same beats with a different tone.

Chillinit currently has a growing community that he calls the #420Family and it's great to see the interaction between them and their fans every once in awhile, also he is playing our Get Bodied Festival.

In all honesty I think Chill is going to hit the target one day and his continuing growth speaks for itself, the comedic wordplay and the marijuana style of lyrics work really well for a specific group of people but I'm sure if you listened to him you will enjoy it, and pop that into your playlist.

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