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Lil Sknow, Master Flow

Little Sknow is an Aussie rapper that has been getting some heat in recent years and seems dedicated to his music, you get this feeling when you listen to his songs that you don't get from other small rappers, it feels genuine something you don't really get anymore with the current trending rappers.

Now everyone knows that when it comes to genres, a big part comes from whether you're going to enjoy a musicians music, you may be a dedicated chillhop and still get a kick out of listening to trap artists, and that's exactly what I thought when first listening to Sknow. I thoroughly enjoyed the crazy wordplay and the sudden rhyme swap that he delivers, it's raw, hard, catchy and it's a blast to listen to.

Sknow has received tens of thousands of plays on his SoundCloud account and I'm not surprised, with the beats that get you pumped up, and the harsh flow and the humourous style, it's just some pumped up music that makes you want to punch a wall and eat cereal without any milk- Full Wild.

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