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Grasshole X The Balls X Palmerslum X The Deadlips [GIG REPORT]

Headliner: Grasshole

Supports: The Balls, Palmerslum, The Deadlips

Date: 6th April 2018

Venue: The Cherry Bar

Photos: Eliza Nguyen

After almost crashing a couple of times and taking forever to find a park because of the Melbourne comedy festival, I finally arrived with my brother in-law to the beloved Cherry Bar on ACDC lane. It had been couple of months since my last gig and I wasn’t that familiar with any of the bands on the line-up. Little did I know that I was in for a night of hard hitting rock n roll.

The Deadlips

I arrived midway through The Deadlips set which was unfortunate because this band is brilliant. They are definitely a band to watch with their fusion of blues & rock. Vocalist Madi O’Shea is a power house with her deep & rich melodies. And the band set such a groove that I could not help but move to the music. I am very keen to see them again in the near future.

Catch their video for ‘Space Rat’ here:

The Balls

This was the band tonight for those who love straight up face melting rock & roll. Sweet dripping from their faces as they powered through their relentless set from start to finish. This is the type of music I could imagine myself speeding down route 66 in a convertible cadillac. If your a fan of Motorhead you must check these guys out!!

Catch their video for ‘4th Of July’ here:


My favourite for the night was Palmerslum with their ability to write really creative and quirky, yet very catchy tunes. Theses guys clearly have much talent and the crowd at Cherry seemed very happy to be coerced into having a shimmy on the dance floor. I have had their 2017 EP ‘Bloodhounds’ on repeat since the gig and am looking forward to future releases.

Catch their video for ‘Drainer’ here:


Everyone was clearly there to see Grasshole as the dance floor truly came alive when the trio took to the stage. The band has returned to Melbourne after launching their debut album "Fuzz of Flavour" which has been a long time in the waiting. In the lead up to the gig I had been giving their album a spin and their were some really great tracks. Grasshole are great storytellers with some unforgettable hooks. What I will remember from the gig is looking around and seeing how happy people were. Credit to the band for creating such good vibes. There was singing, dancing and falling over from being drunk and jostling too vibrantly in the mosh. It was a great end to a night of such talented Australian music.

Catch their video to ‘Hash? Tag Me In’

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