The Plot In You X Ambleside X Thornhill X Junkhead @ The Small Ballroom [GIG REPORT]

Headliner: The Plot In You

Supports: Ambleside, Thornhill, Junkhead

Date: 15th April 2018&

Venue: The Small Ballroom

Presented By: Destroy All Lines & Caroline Australia

Photos: Byron Hall

The Plot In You are definitely one of my favourite bands. I've been listening to them since music started to become a big part in my life and I was very excited for the night ahead of me (who wouldn't be). We arrived at the venue relatively early which always leads up to more hype, it was good. As we got in with the usual expectation to wait around for what felt like forever, to hear some music after getting there as early as we did. We got comfortable front of stage. I was definitely keen for a great night of tunes in what was to be a packed out venue at the end of the night at The Small Ballroom.


The night kicked off with a band I was blown away by, Junkhead. They were sick. The band opened up the crowd with a bang as the all the boys had what looked like everlasting physical energy, it was awesome to see a couple of the members join the crowd a few times for guesties and mic grabs. Overall they were very nice to listen to, the flow and harshness of the drums were great, at one point doing a hectic drum solo. I loved to sequence of both vocalists a lot, Scotty Daniels and Josh Hill yelling at each other and then the audience. I was very sad to hear them announce they were playing their last song, I'll definitely be seeing them again asap. If you went looking for a reason to not like this band, you wouldn’t find one. Check them out.


It was only not long ago i had first listened to Thornhill so I wasn’t sure what to expect, it was a very enjoyable experience and I loved their set, i was very happy to buy a shirt at the end of the night. Lead singer Jacob Charltons' vocals are very fierce, strong and easily listened to, the songs this band write are brilliant and they definitely got the crowd moving. Thornhill are going places and I'm excited to see what comes next for them.


The third set was about to start and I was somehow more keen for The Plot In You then before. As Ambleside took to the stage and started playing you could tell they have such real talent. There was energy in every word that was sung and they were great to sit back and watch. I was really new to Ambleside only really listening to their music a few times but after that night I found myself liking them a lot. The mix felt perfect and I have listened to blur about 12 times since the night, it was one of my favourite songs listened to the whole night. Their set was great and I’m excited for some new music.

-The Plot In You-

As I was at the bar I saw a few members of the band walk through the venue, I quickly scurried to the front of the stage. As they started playing the venue shuddered closer, everything about it was amazing. This long awaited performance exceeded my expectations completely, Landon Tewers hitting every single note, seeing The Plot In You brings something much greater than what the studio recordings give you. Every second was brilliant from the opener 'RIGGID' to when they jumped off the stage. It was wonderful show from start to the end and i was ecstatic to be there.

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