Drown This City release brand new single titled ‘Third Law’

Melbourne natives Drown This City have just released what could be their best track to date. The post hardcore outfit have come out swinging with an abrasive, chaotic, fast paced song that contrasts within itself from verse to chorus. Vocalist Alex Reade has out done herself with this one, her ability to convey emotion vocally is second to none. I see this song being one die hard fans will sing and scream cover to cover, while engulfed with emotion and the vocal range and power Alex displays.

The backing vocals also contrast the song well and are perfectly placed highlighting certain phrases and only complement the song and Alex. If this is the direction Drown This City are continuing with then we will be seeing and hearing more from/about them in the future as their potential grows. The already committed fan base will continue to grow making them a staple of the Australian post hardcore scene for many years to come.

Drown This City dropped this single with a captivating new music video in which the band appears to be right at home. The video consists mostly of the band performing the song with excellent presence but is broken up by scenes of vocalist Alex draped by a snake in a unique setting of candles and bones.

Make sure you like their Facebook too keep up to date with more DTC news also check out the music video for 'Third Law' below:


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