Slow Talk // Disclaimer [Single Review]

Song: Disclaimer Band: Slow Talk Release: New Vernacular Area: Melbourne Date Of Release: 27/04/2018 Genre: Alternative Reviewer: Daniel Balcombe For Fans Of: Saosin, Thrice, Speakeasy “no it won’t take a night, to know this won’t last a day”

Slow Talk are a duo who have been working hard at mastering their art since 2014. Their laidback, intricate and layered style had me interested and engaged from the first couple seconds of ‘Disclaimer’ the latest single from their new EP "New Vernacular" out April 27th. Instantly the production quality stood out as layers begun to build on top of each other. Then the vocals kick in and Saosin is ringing in my head. The drums really keep the song moving at a great pace, it doesn’t necessarily explode but it builds nicely to the chorus and keeps on adding layers on top of itself. Vocalist James Butler has a soothing voice, definitely a bit of Craig Owens (Chiodos) and Anthony Green (Saosin) influence there and it works perfectly with the track. As we progress through the song there are little bits and pieces that you pick up on. For a two piece they sure have a lot of sound coming at you and it always keeps the track interesting. The song has some great variations throughout while never staying at a constant and always adding in a little extra. Like the guitar solo for example, it comes in at the end which I wasn’t expecting it but it gave me a big old smile. I’m a real big fan of the drums throughout the track. They cut through nicely and really keep all the different sounds together. Overall the style of music is not something I would usually listen to (well at least not now) but I’m always open to listening to local bands and I was happy I did with Slow Talk. They have a very polished and professional sound. They obviously know what they are doing and they have the ability to do it well. Good work lads, I look forward to checking out some other tracks and seeing what the future holds! Vocals: 7/10 Guitars: 7.5/10 Bass: 6/10 Drums: 8.5/10 Lyrics: 3.5/5 Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 3/5

Mixing: 8/10 Production: 17/20 Structure: 16/20

Overall: 76.5/100 Personal Enjoyment: 6.5/10

#SlowTalk #Saosin #Thrice #Speakeasy

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