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Talakai's Tracks Liquify

Talakai is an Australian rapper from Newcastle AU, that has been making a huge name for himself around the Sydney and Newcastle area, but he hasn't just started blowing up and actually starting gaining traction in 2010 under the stage name “Blokzz”, he has released great tracks under this pseudonym.

He started at the age of 15 sometime in the late 2000's and has really worked hard to be where he is now and it's motivating for any young artists wanting to begin a hip hop career.

Well Talakai is well known for his energetic live performances that make the crowd feel like they have just consumed an energy drink 100 times over and it's all round great to see artists really feel the energy when performing which is a defining attribute of a good live performance.

It really feels like Talakai has some serious talent when it comes to writing, every syllable makes sense and isn't just mumble rap, it's pure genius and artists just starting out should take a tip out of Tala's book. Smooth rhythms mixed with the intricate wordplay and energetic live performances. Talakai will surely be a defining name in Australian hip hop one day if he isn't already.


Nu Shit


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