Atlantis of the Sky // Corrupt [Single Review]

Song: Corrupt Band: Atlantis Of The Sky Area: Sydney Date of release: 2/4/18 Genre: Deathcore Record Label: Independent For Fans Of: Chelsea Grin

“They lie to me, they are the sources of my Misery”

This brutal track absolutely blows away expectations. The power behind the vocals is absolutely demonic and extremely violent, which is what I expected but it still blew me away. The guitars explore a well structured riff pattern with chugs and high leads to compliment.

You think the song will remain this chug the whole way through, but a cleverly placed change of pace takes place roughly a minute into the song and just calls for a circle pit with a small break in pattern at the end of the section.

The drums in both parts are simplistic in style but extremely well placed, the drummer compliments the whole song tying all the parts together. The bass part was also extremely well done with the extensively “pop” sound the bass is making, not sure if this is the mix or the bassists intensions but it works nicely with the rest of the song.

The build up and breakdown of this song make the song the memorable for me, the bullet pattern in the breakdown rings in my head for quite a while after listening. It’s brutal and violent, just what to expect from Atlantis Of The Sky.

Overall: 75/100 Personal Enjoyment: 7/10


Nu Shit


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