Amberyse // Heavy Hands [Single Review]

Song: Heavy Hands Band: Amberyse Release: Heavy Hands Area: Geelong, Victoria Date Of Release: April 5th 2018 Genre: Metalcore Reviewer: Alex O’Neill Record Label: Unsigned Mix/ Master: Chris Themelco FFO: As I Lay Dying, Architects, Parkway Drive, Polaris

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"Chattering teeth of the enemy

Contradicting this world I seem to not believe

God how I came into this

You can take this from me

If you cut the throat just to watch it bleed

You were taught to bite the hand that does not feed"

The old Amberyse can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, because they’re dead.

2018 is the year of Amberyse. They’ve come in; all guns blazing, embarking on an incredible co-headliner (featuring The Motion Below) with a crisp lineup and blessing us with their master piece that is 'Heavy Hands'. This single hits you with disgustingly gut-wrenching vocals, a bold guitar sound, enticing drums and a crisp bass line, 'Heavy Hands' is a song that I find myself listening to on repeat for days on end!

The structure of this gnarly tune is one that any Polaris or Architects fan would embrace with open arms. Taking advantage of the first 7 seconds of the song with a simple but effective drum beat then introducing a solid guitar lick which establishes the tracks energy by bringing everything together for a solid, spicy beginning that keeps its tempo through to the very end of the beast track.

The mixing of this track is very thorough with no clashes evident and I’d even go as far as to say that the instrumentation and vocals of this track are blended better than Jeffree Star’s makeup! This song is one that

would ruin my reputation as a barrier bitch because I wouldn’t be able to keep myself out of the pit!

Personally, this song would have to be one of my favorite tracks to come out of 2018 so far! And on that note, if you’re late to the party and haven’t checked out Amberyse then I highly recommend you jump on this train before it leaves the station because this is one hell of a fucking band!

Vocals: 8/10 Guitar: 8/10 Bass: 7.5/10 Drums: 8/10 Lyrics: 4.5/5 WYGAST: 5/5

Mixing: 8/10 Production: 18/20 Structure: 18/20

Overall: 85/100 Personal Enjoyment: 10/10

#Amberyse #TheMotionBelow #AsILayDying #Architects #ParkwayDrive #Polaris

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