Future Static // WANT [EP Review]

Band: Future Static

Release: WANT

Area: Melbourne

Date Of Release: March 27, 2018

Genre: Pop-Punk

Reviewer: Alex O’Neill

Record Label: Unsigned

Mixer: Darcy Hadley

Master: Chris Vernon

For Fans Of: Violent Soho, Paramore, Trophy Eyes, Dear Seattle

“Hand on my heart, you make me shiver. Gun to my head, you’re pulling the trigger.” - Shiver

New kids on the block, Future Static are a fresh-faced Pop-Punk outfit from Melbourne, Victoria. With a pedal to the metal attitude they seem to be a force to be reckoned with as they aim to tear Australia’s music scene to shreds and rebuild it in their own image! Fronted by vocal powerhouse Bri Marsh this band is on route to kicking some ass all over Australia with their new EP "WANT".

The first track on this killer EP is titled 'Shiver' and holy shit it’s one hell of a track! Fast paced, this song is so intoxicating I swear I almost started a moshpit in my bedroom the first time I heard it! 'Shiver' is a strong song to break listener in to the EP with hefty guitar licks and a solid bridge that has you wanting to have the song on repeat for the rest of your life and you can’t not be captivated by it!

Following 'Shiver', we have more killer tracks such as 'Crawling Back' and 'Daylight' but in my opinion the stand out track is 'Damages'. This song is slower and more chilled out in spots than the first few songs on the EP and you can’t help but get drawn in by the smooth intro that soon turns into a heavy and haunting chorus that leads to some pretty cool guitar solos, now it’s time to get even slower!

Title track "WANT" is up next with some slow, soothing late night, roof top chill vibe instrumentation and killer, raw and heartfelt lyrics that left me asking myself “damn, who hurt you?” with the inclusion of the piano and the violin, this song is definitely an incredible tune and you can see why it’s the title track.

'Hits Home' is the closer of this record, the perfect track to round off a solid EP. My favourite part of this song is the empowering group chant “we go together or we don’t go down.” This song’s energy is highly contagious and has me jumping around my room, vibing out and singing the lyrics at the top of my lungs every time I listen to it!

Overall, "WANT" is a phenomenal album that I’ve listened to in full at least once every couple of days since it came out! If you haven’t listened to it yet then do yourself a favour and bless your ears with the master piece that is "WANT". Go check out Future Static now!


Vocals: 8.5/10

Guitars: 7.5/10

Bass: 8/10

Drums: 8/10

Lyrics: 9/10

Mix: 9/10

Production: 18/20

Structure: 17/20

OVERALL: 85/100


#FutureStatic #ViolentSoho #Paramore #TrophyEyes #DearSeattle

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